ROME: Meet me at Caffè Greco…

No. 86 Via Condotti – Across the historic BVLGARI boutique and a breath away from Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)…

The Caffè Greco or Antico Caffè Greco incarnates history and the poetic, elegant times of the 19th and 20th centuries which you relive once you step into the elegantly decorated “sale”…

Time machine: Crowded ‘OMNIBUS’ room at Caffè Greco in 1910 

A point of reference for tourists today…in the past it was the meeting spot for great artists, poets, writers from different countries…All came in thirsty for inspiration..sipped a caffe corretto and engaged in fruitful conversations that led to novels, pamphlets, songs, poems…Constant habitués were Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Henrik Ibsen, Hans Christian Andersen, and John Keats, Bizet, Wagner and King Ludwig of Bavaria..

The art of espresso (Personal Archive)

Beyond anything, elegant living is defined by fine taste, sight and smell that electrifies the senses and when you enter the Caffè the intensity of the fresh coffee aroma makes your mind race…

All time favourite: Hot chocolate con panna (with whipped cream) if you visit Rome in the winter or a summer Aperitif before dinner

“Con panna per favore” (Personal Archive)

Personal memo: I always remember family stories of my father sipping espresso and ‘casually’ bumping into Gianni Bulgari right across the street..When I visited the Caffè, the second time, having walked all around the Old City of Rome in a hot March day, I found myself wandering again in Via Condotti shopping and as a break, I popped in craving for a creamy cappuccino con panna…


Always remember when travelling, create memories, soak up experiences, smells, cultures, meet new people, take (lots of) pictures but first live with Elegance…


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    1. eforelegance says:

      Thanks for linking!!!


  1. Seeing the Caffe Greco reminded me of my morning in Catania, Sicily just getting some expresso to start the day.

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    1. eforelegance says:

      Got to love Italy!! Espresso is at the fabric of their culture 😊

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