Afternoon Walks at Versailles

A Palace like no other…Elegantly imposing, Massive, Opulent, Timeless..

Time machine: Vintage Chateau de Versailles in 1668, Pierre Patel

The story behind the Palace of Versailles is widely known to everyone, however today I was about to bring up the role, this iconic Palace has played in #fashion in the recent years…

Who can forget the emotionally thrilling ‘Secret Garden I,II,III‘ Campaign Series by Dior, Karl Lagerfeld’s atmospheric, aristocratic goth photos for CHANEL

Refresh your memory:

Or most recently Rihanna’s metallic party campaign – ‘Secret Garden IV’ again for Dior..

…And certainly the unforgettable Vivianne Westwood, Le XVIII au gout du jour exhibition in 2011, inspired by 18th cent. fashion and held at The Grande Trianon de Versailles.

Inside the Exhibition (Huffington Post Archive)

The Chateau de Versailles has the leading role when it comes to high fashion campaigns, creating a magical, elegantly bewitching, royally electrifying atmosphere where art, design and history blend in harmony in the eyes of the beholder..

All time favourite: CHANEL Cruise Collection 2012/2013 at Versailles

Personal memo: While learning French I used to read the story of the estate..every time a different part of it…Versailles will always be in my heart even more so when combined with fashion and royal eccentricity,  but remember Elegance first…


Interesting readings:


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