It’s Now or Never: Fashion Etiquette

I know what you’re thinking…does etiquette exist in the fashion world as well?

The answer: YES IT DOES

Essentially, there are certain things you SHOULD do when you find yourself invited in a fashion show and certain things you SHOULD never do..


Let’s have the basics established:


#1. Always RSVP on time when you receive an invite.

#2. Never wait for the VIPs to pass first you ALWAYS pass first.

#3. Always have your own photographer to shower you with his flash.

#4. You can sit wherever you please, front row games are sooo overrated.

Faux pas

#1. Never applaud in middle of the defilé, ONLY in the end.

#2. Never comment on anything other than the collection i.e. gift bag.

#3. Never pretend to take notes of the fashion trends on catwalk.

#4. Never act as if you like everything in a collection, no one will believe you.

*Etiquette [French: étiquette]: is a code of behaviour that sets expectations for social behaviour according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.

…And always remember: living your life with true elegance is determined not by what you “own” but by what your manners are…


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