The New-Old Ritz Paris…

“When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place in the Paris Ritz.” Ernest Hemingway once wrote in a letter to his friend and fellow writer A.E. Hotchner…

This is a hotel that truly epitomises the word “historic” for those interested in a quick “black & white” flashback:

  • Originally opened in June 1, 1898 by Swiss hotelier César Ritz.
  • Simple vision: to have “all the refinement that a prince could desire in his own home.”
  • A favourite among the milieux intellectuel including Ernest Hemingway, Marcel Proust, F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Was shut down for the highly ranked in the hierarchy of the Nazi army and Hitler’s entourage during WWII occupation in Paris.
  • Became the home of legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel for 34 years until her death in 1971.
  • Last place H.R.H Diana, Princess of Wales was seen before the crash that led to her imminent death in 1997.
Coco Chanel at her Ritz suite balcony overlooking Place Vendôme, (Ritz Paris Archive)

But above anything else, it is an eternal symbol of french luxury, finesse and elegance sitting always in Place Vendôme…it constitutes a reminder of the glories and misfortunes of the past.. and as the time rushed to the future, in 2012 it was shut down for renovations by its current owner Mohamed al-Fayed.

June 6, 2016 – “The Ritz is Back” I read in the papers..and it stands more glorious and polished than ever..

Thierry W. Despont, the virtuoso French architect and designer based in New York undertook the mission of “channeling the hotel’s old prestige” back with a carefully calculated and meticulously executed upgrade.

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(Photographs by Andreas Meichsner for the New York Times, 2016)

Imagine re-polishing, brushing and refining your family’s historic real silver tea set after years of being worn out…Only the Ritz did not undergo a simple polishing..

The light in the suites came back…

The smell of the fresh paint on the walls is livid…

The golden taps in the bathrooms shine bright again…

Look: Still 18th-century French décor 


Feel: Lighter, Brighter, Fresher, Elegant & modern opulence


The Ritz is indeed back: Restoring life, history and elegance all in once…


Interesting readings…


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