Current Addiction: Parisian Ceramics

My love for authentic, original, inventive, fine craftsmanship knows no boundaries…

But I never thought I would be that besotted with Ceramics and especially PLATES…yes, you read right..PLATES.

These are not ordinary plates however…

These are elegantly crafted, painted, created to compete with real artefacts…


Astier de Villatte has created the most elegant, romantic, artistic ceramics I have ever encountered. In every shape, pattern, size, featuring fairytale, crystal clear designs that can excite your curiosity and arouse your creativity..

Look: Clean cut, plane white, handmade


Feel: Bright, colourful, exciting, romantic, Parisian country chic, elegant, eccentric


You can find them at the incredibly charming Astier de Villatte shops in Paris as well as selectively all around France, exhibited in vintage windows and cardboards for your eyes only..

In an Astier de Villatte shop you can also find a large assortment of candles, furniture, cutlery and many more elegantly crafted items for your home.

Personal Favourites…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tip: Go with a friend (or 4..) so you can all carry the many bags afterwards…

*In Athens: Find them at Zoumboulakis Galleries

…And always remember living life with Elegance means appreciating the smallest luxuries, seeking the finest craftsmanship and creating a lifestyle that always lets you dream on…


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