Style Icon: Jackie Kennedy Onassis

As I listen to the peaceful tunes of  Unforgettable by Nat ‘King ‘Cole…I can’t help but start writing about how truly unforgettable was her effortless style and radiance…

Iconic (Getty Images)

Tall, boyish, not the classic beauty of her time with broad shoulders yet exuding a sense of timeless elegance no one else could master..

Jackie sealed the era of all American chic with enough French panache and finesse. She was admired or envied by the women and wanted by the men, whom she so capriciously charmed with her delicate and unpredictable moods, jokes, attitude..

Her taste in clothes and furniture is still considered “high-class” although at the time it was thought to be “progressive” even “provocative.”

The First Lady wearing French-tailor made clothes instead of supporting American fashion or secretly seeking advice from French architects or high end art curators…it was unthinkable but somehow enticing.

She had an impeccable talent to be as elegant overdressed, with the grandeur of wearing a Christian Dior pink satin princess like, First Lady gown, as underdressed, wondering in Capri or Skorpios Island, barefoot wearing a black top matched with linen white capri pants and always having on her trademark enlarged sunglasses.

A vision of simplicity: Barefoot in Skorpios Island, Greece (1968) (Getty Images)

However, the iconicity that Jackie managed to acquire when still alive, fresh and young, lies on her boldness in matters of her wardrobe that captured her sense of style both in occasions of glitz and glamour but also in her darkest hours.

How can someone forget her dashingly regal Inaugural Ball cape and gown outfit, now preserved and exhibited at the Smithsonian.

Jack had been sworn US President hours earlier, yet all eyes were pinned on her at the Inaugural Ball, 1961, Washington D.C. (Getty Images)

…And certainly nobody can ever erase from their memory the picture of a struck by shock, frail, tearful Jackie wearing her bloodied double-breasted, vibrant pink and navy trim collared CHANEL wool suit the day her life changed in the spur of the moment…

Probably one of the most widely recognised outfits of all time…According to various accounts, Jackie refused to take it off, holding on to it as if it was the last real token that carried Jack’s imprint on.

“Let them see what they’ve done to my husband…” it was all, she was able to utter in admirable determination at the time.

Ominous: In Dallas, 1963, minutes before the fatal car ride…(Getty Images)

Personal memo: This past summer, I indulged into “devouring” one more exquisite biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis by Sarah Bradford, entitled America’s Queen.. However for me, Jackie could definitely be called America’s Queen of Style as she epitomised the American spirit with a French aura oozing elegance and a timeless charm that remains non-existent since then..

All time favourite: Jackie wearing just a dark turtle neck top and at her left wrist a slight glimpse of her all time classic Cartier Tank watch…It truly encapsulates her American roots and her French flair…

An all American-French-girl.. (Getty Images)

…So remember avoid the extravagance it will seem vulgar and cheap, opt instead for implicit noble aesthetics and simplicity ensuring Elegance first…


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  1. Antigoni says:

    Your blog is a huge success 🙂
    I really love it!

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    1. eforelegance says:

      Thank you dear!!! I’m glad you like it!! Stay tuned for more 😍❤️


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