Christmas Edition: Let the Festivities Begin!

I hope you didn’t miss me toooo much..I was on a brief research hiatus…to find the best and create the most festive content for all of you.


This year I feel like Christmas has knocked on my door earlier…or it was actually the tree that was brought to us earlier…

This year more than any other, I feel like people were desperate to sense the festive spirit, to light up their homes and hearts by decorating the Christmas lights, to bring the warmness, togetherness and celebratory ambience of Christmas by putting up little Santas, elves, stars and snowmen all around the house wayyy in advance..

Colourful ornaments, the fresh smell of the crisp, branchy Christmas tree and some glitter on the dinner art de la table..NOT to get ahead of ourselves here..

Today, I will be writing about the important elements you need to have in mind to make your Christmas decorations the epitome of absolute elegance this year!

Even people who decorate the tree randomly every year with whatever they find in their boxes, have in mind what they would like their tree to look like in the end…Others (me included) make the decoration of the tree a true ritual where there is a theme, a concept and a whole lot of emotional investment into every little ornament that is going up…

Let’s start from the basics…

The right tree & (theme)

Weheartit Images

Decorating the tree you first have to think of the vital question: Real fir or Plastic spruce?

>For the aficionados of Christmas: Keep it Real

Paying attention to:

  • equal shapes
  • no ugly gaps
  • being rich in fir and branches
  • THE smell (My favourite part! It will fill your house with the joy of Christmas)

>For the more environmentally conscious: Stay with Plastic

Paying attention to:

  • being well crafted
  • no damaged ends
  • having identical roots and spruce
  • not uncomfortably tall (unless you have a high ceiling living room)
  • not looking plastic
  • not having an ugly metallic base

*Theme: when you decorate your tree have in mind a specific set of colours that match and specific combinations of balls or other ornaments that will create a balanced, elegant and impressive to the eye final Christmas gem.

Lovely Combos:

Red-White, Big balls at the beginning of the tree and smaller ones towards the top, red ribbon at the top instead of the traditional star.

Veranda Magazine Images

White-Gold, Smaller and bigger balls scattered with some golden and white ribbons or Christmas flowers or shiny crystal snowflakes.


Monotone Power:

ALL red, All sizes of balls and mini red ribbons all around the tree or on branches’ ends.

Seasons for All at Home Images

ALL silver, All sizes of balls and mini silver ribbons towards the tree ends.

Hotel Grand Bretagne Athens (Personal Archive)

Going Natural:

Replacing ornaments and balls for earth’s fruits like dried slices of oranges all around the tree or different pieces of spices like anise.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 2.48.22 PM.png
Town & Country Magazine UK Images

Decorating the house

Some ideas to get inspired..But don’t over do it, think of creating smart, warm Christmas corners all around the house…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And remember decorating with Elegance means always:

Finding the golden mean between sophisticated opulence and ostentatious, over ornamental, super glittering, flashy crudity…


Hope you found this first of many more Christmas Edition articles to come inspiring.. Until the next one..the Christmas clock is ticking..



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