Christmas Edition: THE Party Dress

As Christmas is closing in…pressure rises on what to wear this year…Another year another new dress…A party dress!

When picking out a new Party dress for the holidays, I always make sure to choose an iconic, simple, timeless piece to add to my closet..of course it can NEVER be the same dress as last year so let the party dress hunting begin…

Whether it’s a dinner party, dance, house gathering…Inspiration is everything so, just for you, I have found some of the most classic & glamorous party dresses of all times worn by iconic actresses in definitely the most memorable movies….

All images are courtesy of Vanity Fair

Greta Garbo – The Temptress (1926)


The seductive satin, embellished with fine stones at the deep low-cut décolleté while all the attention is accumulated on the impressive satin rose and bow end which posits in an avant-garde design behind the neck while also reaching the top of the arms.

General tips: Seductive satin, impressive low-cut décolleté, discreet ornaments

Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1960)


Elegant maxi dress kimono shape with a lovely overflowing top fabric creating a one side effect. No ornaments, no embellishing.

General tips: Elegant shapes, great fabrics, simple synthesis

Grace Kelly – Rear Window (1954)


Two-tone, black-white, the eternal combination epitomising timelessness. Most glamorous detail: the hand-crafted flower embellishments in fine black cloths towards the beginning of the skirt, the antithesis is certainly bold..

General tips: two-tone dresses, black-white combinations, synergies of black top and A-shape extravagant, white tulle skirts

Lauren Bacall – Have or Have not (1944)


Incredibly contemporary maxi dress in design with cut-outs at the waist and low-cut décolleté all artistically held together by a thin hoop right in the middle. Black satin, a very feminine and bewitching fabric that does not need any extravagant, heavy jewellery to complete it.

General tips: Black, key cut-outs along the dress, maxi, velvet or satin

Keira Knightley – Atonement (2007)


Simply Iconic: Electric, emerald green, ethereal shape and fabric,  magnetic and with airy movement.

General tips: Maxi, ethereal shape, light dainty fabric, bold colour

Always remember: Elegance first, think less is more, be classy and timeless, not ostentatious and eccentric, know and respect your body and shape don’t indulge into excesses that will lead to a blatant, short-term purchase…Buy a true party dress to feel confident in and swing it out!


The Christmas clock has almost run out…



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