NYE Edition: Art de la Table

Hold your breath because today I have some exciting, simple, elegant (always) ideas for making the New Year’s dinner table, a real spectacle!

Some get caught on too much detail, too many ornaments and other little “garnishes” that lead to a heavy, crowded end result…which is exhausting to the eye..

Some stick to the basics and although I’m a firm worshipper of simplicity…it’s the holiday season so we all have to invest on a little bit of festivity, sprinkle some magic on the dinner table which is the point of gathering and creation of new memories with our loved ones..So it doesn’t hurt to look & feel elegant besides all the holiday excess in food platters….

Today, I have picked and chose a wide variety of ideas for decorating the dinner table that cover different tastes and different styles…

All photos are from Veranda Magazine

1.Going ALL red..

Using the power of one highly festive colour will be a bold choice that will bring a sense of harmony and put your guests in the Holiday spirit at once.

Red: Is a magic colour, it conveys the warmth, sensuality and elegance you need

Can be used in: the basic table cloth(velvet can be an option since it’s a trend currently) & linens, long, elegant, taper candles, clothed napkins, crystal Baccarat wine and champagne glasses.

2.Exotic Patterns..

At this time of year we ought to bid a memorable farewell to the year that is going away..and for some of us this means, making it extra creative!

From your travels to exotic places like India, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey or even a shopping trip you could have stocked up on linens & cloths with fantastic, cosmopolitan patterns with a definite oriental charm and elegance..paired with lovely decorative items such as an elephant, a shell as name tag holders are some options. Plus, some vintage chandeliers for the centre of the table can complete a particularly exotic and festive setting..

The idea of bold monogrammed linen napkins is also an important gem that makes the experience incredibly personalised for your guests.


3.Gold is always a good idea..

If you are aficionados of some opulent dose of luxury we need to consider adding some gold on your table..Bringing out your gold gilded tableware or glassware, always remember to preserve a balance between gold touches. Some gold details will attach an understated sense of luxury to the whole ambience.

4.Simple is chic..

Well it’s true that for some of us pleasure lies on the little things, the simple ideas that bring a fine elegance on the table, making guests feel at ease.. That can start from wrapping the linen napkins with dried rosemary pieces or simply a velvet ribbon with some spices attached to it, to give it a more natural, earthly but simultaneously warm touch.

Always remember: The holidays, are the days we ought to spend doing things that we love, things that fill our soul with happiness…Styling a lovely dinner table for family & friends, is one of them….Giving love and being ready to receive it, spending life moments with Elegance…


And as we have some time left before the clock strikes midnight..more NYE Edition articles are to follow..



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