NYE Edition: Bling Bling

Time to bring on the shine to our outfits this New Year’s Eve…because choosing an outfit is easy…choosing jewellery to pair it with is the difficult part but most exquisite one in my opinion..

Festively & stylishly welcoming the New Year cannot be done without completing your outfit with a classic or eccentric but beyond anything elegant piece of jewellery..adding some bling will elevate your festive clothes into a real sensation..


Remember it’s not about quantity it’s the quality that matters..Digging dip let’s discover together what options we have from a selective assortment of exquisite Greek jewellery houses some carrying heavy history with them while some projecting avant-garde pioneering eccentricity..

For the lovers of the Classic & Timeless…

Choose a piece that epitomises class and reflects the heritage of the jewellery house that will attach to the entire outfit an aura of intense nobility.

Such as this magnificent Ilias Lalaounis gold gilded necklace with brilliants from the BYZANTINE collection..


Ilias Lalaounis Portfolio Images


Or for the aficionados of earrings..choose something captivating to the eye…such as this iconic yet bold ZOLOTAS statement piece..


ZOLOTAS Website Images


For the worshippers of the Contemporary Elegant 

Choose a piece so intrinsically unique that will add to your final attire a touch of personalised allure & glamour.

It can be like the virtuoso’s Nikos Koulis jewels  such as this fiercely attractive white gold necklace crafted with white diamonds, emerald and black enamel..from the Oui Lariat Series. Ohh you’ve got to love the fine craftsmanship of the design…perfectly luxurious in all it’s simplicity..


Nikos Koulis Images


It can also be a very discreet yet extravagant fine, thin bangle that will decorate as much as diverge everyone’s attention to you the minute you wear it..My favourite such bangles can be found on Serkos Classic Collection…so utterly magnetic are the emerald or sapphire endings..


Last but not least you may choose another type of bracelet a timeless old Hollywood kind of design from an equally historic jeweller Venetia Vildiridis from their Classic Collection. This is a magnificent Ashoka cut diamonds bracelet by William Goldberg that oozes past time elegance…


Ashoka Diamonds Images


For the Enthusiasts of Eccentricity..

There is no choice but to wear something that reflects your flair to the unique but simultaneously elegant..

For me that could mean, wearing a wreath but not any wreath…an Angelo di Spirito Rosa  black spinel “DIAMOND POLISH” & pyrite double hair wreath..Such a bold & original choice that oozes a unique, one could say oriental, modern elegance..


Angelo di Spirito Rosa Images


Of course these are all exceptional pieces and personal favourites..you have the ultimate freedom to find your style around these proposals and make your outfit as shiny as ever…

Always remember: Jewellery just compliment your existing radiance & beauty do not to try too hard…besides the most precious thing you can wear these festive days is your SMILE.

And since this is the last post on E for Elegance for 2016..I would like to wish you all..

A truly Prosperous & Hopeful New Year!
Cheers to more Elegance & Luck!ap550x55012x121transparentt-u1signature3_e_for_elegance

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