Villa Perosa: Timeless Italian Charm

Villa Perosa or widely known as Villa Agnelli is one of the most emblematic residences of the “Fiat” family, the Agnellis. To be more precise, the glorious estate has seen eight generations of Agnellis coming and going, while still being owned and used as a residence by Marella Agnelli, widow of Gianni Agnelli, now 89 years old.

Marella Agnelli photographed in Villa Perosa, 1960

My obsession with old luxury residences, chateaus, villas and generally estates that exude opulence of past times, led me to unravel the story, myths, glorious days and  sensational decoration of Villa Perosa…

Villa Perosa, The Gardens, painting photograph found in

Interesting facts:

  1. A portion of the house was damaged by bombing in World War II.
  2. the classical decorator Stephane Boudin was called in my Marella Agnelli to restore large parts of the house, right after the wedding.
  3. Her private, low-ceilinged suite, was restored, dressed from walls to lampshades with a peony pattern.
  4.  In Gianni’s study the canopy bed is curtained with a fantastic Indian-style floral drape, as well as one with white roses.
  5. The gardens were shaped heavenly by landscape architect Paolo Pejrone.

My favourite picks…

Bold French velvets & Italian silks in chairs, tapestry, custom made sofas…

French elegance in most of the rooms deco…

The cozy library for after-dinner coffee next to the main dining room..

The villa’s antique Piedmontese chairs and settees draped in pale, romantic tones..

Cheerful printed fabrics like Marella’s peony suite walls

Being an eternal lover of Italian finesse as well as a hunter for magnificent & elegant deco, today I’m presenting to you the most ravishing rooms around the estate situated southwest of Turin..All photos are courtesy of Architectural Digest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Always remember: Elegance can be manifested in the simplest to the most complex of forms, you just have to find your very own, authentic expression of it…



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