LONDON: Dinner at Rules

It might vaguely ring a bell from the recent James Bond film, Spectre, or for you out there who were religiously watching Downton Abbey will certainly recall it from the various times, Lady Edith or Lady Mary dined there when in London.

In fact that’s an interesting parallel chronologically because the restaurant was opened by Thomas Rule in late 18th century, making it quite possible for the “cast” of Downton Abbey  of various ladies and lords being regulars. In fact, since then, the restaurant has constituted a beacon of haute but traditional British gastronomy. It should be a must on your list of places to visit and dine.

Particularly what’s so special about it?  you might be wondering..

Well, apart from its legendary history and exquisite cuisine, it is an incredibly unique restaurant in terms of aesthetics…The interior resembles a prestigious art gallery with carefully curated pieces of history hanging all over the walls.

Rules Restaurant Images

“You taste, smell & see history” a friend of mine said to me once.

Series of sketches, oil paintings and cartoons collected throughout its long-standing history + a number of its artworks depict theatrical history and are truly eye-catching.

It is no surprise that Rules has always been a favourite of historymakers too, like Charles Dickens and Laurence Olivier among others.

Personal memo: I fell in love with Rules almost immediately when entering, a love that was complete when I tried the luscious roast together with an aromatic glass of fine red wine..and while dining I kept thinking that If I turn my head I might catch a glimpse of Churchill enjoying a glass of brandy in a quiet, dark corner-cigar in mouth…

When elegance & history blend…

*Photos from my personal archive.

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