Spring 2017: Crazy about CÉLINE

It’s all about CÉLINE‘s lessons de simplicité this Spring.

Needless to say, that bags are my one and only favourite accessory in god’s -Chanel’s, Hermès’s, CÉLINE’s (…)- earth…A bag: Can compliment an outfit, Can lit up your mood, Can manifest a woman’s unique taste.


My addiction to bags knows no limits, however as a loyal Chanel & Hermès girl, I have only so many options…beyond my love affair with these two, I simply can’t get enough of (Phoebe) Philo’s planet of exquisite leathers, straight, simple lines and cuts that elevate an accessory into a true bold identity statement or a manifestation of French casual chic…

Most wanted piece: The black leather caged Phantom.


Other favourite picks of the Spring 2017 CÉLINE bag collection below..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So which one(s) is (are) your personal favourite(s)..?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favourite brands this Spring…leave a comment below!

Always remember: Welcoming this Spring with Elegance means investing not only to edgy accessories but to a more optimistic, jolly mood overall..


*All photos are courtesy of Céline.com

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