Current Addiction: Blue & White Ming Porcelain

It has been such a dream of mine for sooo long to be able to decorate not only the living room & foyer but the whole house with Blue & White pottery that can take you back to the 14th century and the Ming Dynasty where it all started…


My source of infatuation with these finely and elegantly hand painted vases and other ceramics began by reading the handbook of Chinese Ceramics some time ago by Suzanne G. Valenstein. 

This incredible versatile and elegant pieces of decoration convey a sense of understated luxury in the house and create a very holistic pattern of decoration. Even if you don’t know much about interior decor if you place two Chinese blue & white porcelain vases on the foyer table immediately there is a sense of refined taste and simple elegance that will electrify anyone that enters the house.


These ceramics are simply an obsession because of their simple complexity I call it but also because of an utter romanticism that comes to life through their intricate designs. Plus, the fact that the price of the original pieces is usually extremely luxurious because they are considered reminders of a lost dynasty which I find simply exciting. It is no surprise that only in 2011 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York one Blue and White Porcelain Ming Vase was sold for a record price of $ 21.62 million.

Such decorative objects transform us, just simple  decor aficionados, into real curators of art pieces that constitute a beacon of history, cultural richness and unique craftsmanship. There can be found in different sizes, shapes but mostly there is an abundance of different designs featuring exquisite, hand-painted flower patterns, dragons, leaves even Persian characters if you dig too deep..

Find more Blue & White Chinese inspired pottery in Instyle Decor & most definitely have a look at the incredibly elegant implementations that Ralph Lauren features in his home collection not only as vases but also as table lamps and the result is just magnificent.

Some exclusive picks & ideas for decor with Ming Blue & White ceramics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Always remember: having to decorate the house with true artefacts representing a side of history and aspects of another culture add a special layer of uniqueness & elegance…



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