VENICE: Behind Masks..

I’m truly into the carnival spirit this year..and when I think of carnival I can’t stop thinking about the time I strolled down tiny streets near Piazza San Marco driven by my incessant need to find the oldest workshop in Venice that creates the finest, most luxurious and well-crafted masks..

To my utter amazement I found it then..and today I want to reminisce by revealing to you all about the legendary Venetian temple of mask making, Ca’Macana.

Quick timeline:

1162 – Officially started as a celebration after a victory battle

18th cent. – Original Venetian masks worn during social events, lifestyle affairs

1984 – Venetian Carnival Comeback

1984 – Ca’Macana opening 

I loved the passion they’ve put into mask making, truly reviving the ancient techniques & elegant, dramatic craftsmanship…The only thing left was the ball  I had to find & put on my mask..


These handmade, finely crafted oeuvres d’art were also featured as props intensifying the mystery & anonymity in Kubrik’s Eyes Wide Shut while some selected pieces were also used per occasion for performances in Wiener Staatsoper (Opera House in Vienna).

And for those who truly long for a hands-on unique experience, you can take part in a mask making course by the Ca’Macana experts…

Shop online as well!

My favorite picks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos are courtesy of Ca’Macana.

Always remember: When travelling take the chance to absorb every segment of history, culture and art, you can’t possibly fathom what hides behind masks unless you are willing to uncover it..




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