Spring has Sprung!

It’s already March and whoever is not feeling one step closer to lounging on a chaise longue at a golden sand beach with crystal light blue waters somewhere in Greece, Italy or the South of France is probably lying…

Spring however marks the beginning of a colourful, rich and beautiful in smells and flowery arrangements journey…


Feeling the spring means you have to embrace some of its virtues a little more closely, with elegant touches of bold, colourful ‘blooms’ around the house, in this way spring will have finally sprung inside and out…and now every time you will enter the house, you will feel very much a part of it…

People used to say to me, flowers are a bore and a pain, as they don’t last very long…But that’s exactly the point!

Bringing fresh flowers into the room adds a whole new elegant perspective it does not matter if they last two or ten days, what matters is the moment of feeling refreshed when the smell and colours have ‘flooded’ your room…

In life you need to create precious moments like this…that preserve a little bit of magic..otherwise life becomes ‘grey’ & dull..and who wants that?!

All you need:

  • Seasonal flowers, matched into colours or shapes or sizes
  • Enlarged or fine medium-small, glass vases
Inspiration: Lee Radziwill always loved two vases of bright pink peonies in the living room of her apartment in Paris, 2003. (Vogue Images)

A large vase can show its dynamism and gain an imposing ‘look & feel’ in a round table at the foyer and dinner or buffet table.

A small-medium vase in all its delicacy it can perfectly match on a coffee or cocktail table in the living room or on the bedside table or other occasional tables in different corners.

These are the rules but rules need to be broken in the name of creativity and unique vision. So, create your own mini, elegant spring paradise…

I have selected some photos from House Beautiful for extra doses of elegant inspiration…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Share with me your Spring flower arrangement creations!!

Always remember: You can ‘breathe’ elegance in your lifestyle as long as you want to…with simple, chic decoration ideas…

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.14.45 AM



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