CAP D’ANTIBES: Meet me at Hotel du Cap

Noon, Cap d’Antibes – You have just arrived at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Rock. You’re currently looking at the gloriously elegant creme facade with light blue windows engulfed by the perfectly groomed gardens and trees.

Your first thought: “Can this be so perfect?”

The groom is warmly welcoming you and religiously heading to pick up your luggage. You make your way into the hotel. Impeccably bright, high ceilings, light creme walls, polished marble floors and sooo very well illuminated. Windows are simply everywhere and the magical sun of the French Riviera beautifully brightens up the elegant interior.


Your second thought: “Okay, now I know I’m probably dreaming”

The aristocratic touches in the decor interior manifest a subtle luxury and a beautiful serenity. You just feel incredibly at ease from the moment you step in.

Passing through the lobby you reach the Bar, La Rotonde, an elegantly refurbished space, inviting you to enjoy a welcoming aperitif before you explore the rest of the magnificent grounds.


Finally, your eyes are truly magnetised as you decide to go out on the terrace.

The view. is. simply. breathtaking.

One of the most photographed aisles on the French Riviera having the beaming sea as a backdrop. The aisle is leading you to the sea, it’s your entrance to this mini paradise au bord de la mer. This aisle has served magnificently as a catwalk for Chanel Cruise 2011, as a party spot at the annual Amfar Gala every May, as a meeting spot at the Vanity Fair party and definitely as one of the most romantic and idyllic spots to join ties with the man of your dreams.


Ok, now compose yourself, because you haven’t seen the most important part of the Hotel still. Walking down the aisle, obviously stopping one, two maybe three times along the way to atmospherically pose for the camera, you finally reach the MAGIC SPOT.

On your right the restaurant resembling a boat, built on the rock overlooking the Mediterranean and on your left, blue, blue blue from the infinity pool, that is placed again on the rock in such a way, it gives you the impression that all “blues”: sky, sea, pool are simply meeting somehow..e-for-elegance-meet-me-at-Hotel-du-Cap57

This is Hotel du Cap, a hotel like no other.

A uniquely elegant retreat that posits at the tip of the rock hill in Cap d’Antibes, some miles away from Cannes…

…where you enjoy the sea, the sun and endless walks in the gardens..

…where you feel you are starring in an old movie and this is your aristocratic family chateau…

…where you feel like Coco Chanel or Picasso who just came in to shut off the rest of the world and get inspired…

Simply put, the term “vacation” takes a whole new meaning there, as this is a place of dreams that will not satisfy you, if you just look for a simple “vacation”.

(Hote du Cap official website)

And with this, I hope I just made your dreams a tiny bit more colourful and someday I hope to meet you strolling down the aisle at Hotel du Cap.

Take a peak from my personal archive.

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Until then live your life with Elegance..and remember choose to travel to places not because they’re à la mode but because they truly speak to your heart…

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.14.45 AM


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