MALLORCA: Escape to the Spanish blues

Part of the Balearic Islands, one of the largest islands located southeast of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is a mini paradise on earth..

Cap de Formentor

An autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, idyllic for a fulfilling escape to some of the most iconic, breathtaking beaches of the Mediterranean.

In Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island, arriving by plane you can have a quick promenade in the picturesque centre or walk up to the impressive harbour where super yachts are anchored and instantly it might even bring in your mind Monaco’s harbour.

Port de Polensa, Polensa Bay

Days later you can return to the centre, if you feel compelled to soak up bits & pieces of the culture of the island, to visit La Seu, Palma’s glorious Cathedral with an imposing façade which looks like a medieval castle.

La Seu, Palma’s Cathedral

Let’s be honest here, the rest of the time must be spent at the beach…at any beach to be exact.

Mallorca is showered by incredibly beautiful, crystal, blue waters that seem not only inviting but mostly binding in terms of wanting to stay there forever..

There are crowded, ‘mainstream’ beaches but there are also secret, secluded, private treasures that can be discovered if on a yacht.

Mallorca for me definitely signifies holidaying on a yacht and being able to see a little bit of everything and dive into the deep blue ocean any time you please in absolute privacy.

So here are 5 ‘must-see’ locations around Mallorca that will leave you in awe.     (Personal favourite spots):

  1. Sailing across Cap de Formentor
  2. Watch the sunrise across the Polensa Bay, Port de Polensa
  3. Cala Llombards
  4. Playa d S’Amarador
  5. Cala Varques
  6. Wonder around Valldemossa one morning

For your eyes only..

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..And for those who are not that keen on living the ‘yacht experience’, you can rent a luxurious, exquisite villa. Far away from the rest of the world, you will spend your time in peace, tranquility and privacy in some of the most spectacular properties in Mallorca..

Take a look at the Royal Villas Europe, a favourite, for its services & magnificent assortment of properties not only in Mallorca but also in Ibiza and the Côte d’Azur.

I think that’s enough from me..

Mallorca is waiting for all of you to discover it whether holidaying for the weekend or longer on a yacht, resort or villa…

Always remember in every escape your mind needs to relax and escape too..Use the ‘no phone’ rule and the ‘camera only’ rule..

Capture every moment, enjoy every minute with every single one of your senses…this is what elegance is all about, it is a state of mind..

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.14.45 AM



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