Inside the Mystifying Villa ‘La Vigie’

‘La Vigie’ literally means ‘the watch’…a name that reflects the villa’s imposing position, nestling up the hill overlooking the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel in Roquebrune – Cap Martin.


Truly a historic property in Monaco since its construction by Sir William Ingram, 1st Baronet in 1902. It has changed ownership many times but always passing over to prestigious key holders. Karl Lagerfeld for example used La Vigie as a summer residence for nearly 10 consecutive years and many times the villa was positioned as a backdrop in some of his most iconic fashion shoots.

La Vigie, has an incredible evolution in terms of interior design and #deco while its aristocratic, magnificent, elegant façade remains classically unscathed all these years, reinforcing its iconicity. It has a living area of 600m² (6,500 sq ft). In three floors, there are elegantly decorated, light soaked bedrooms, lounges and magnificent marble bathrooms.

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There is a 237-square-metre terrace that runs along the building and it is the perfect spot providing breath-taking views over the bays of Monaco and Cap-Martin as well as the Mediterranean. In the grounds of the villa, one can find a tree park ideal for some peace and quiet and definitely reading your book and also a Jacuzzi in the front gardens overlooking the sea.


However, the glory of the villa lies on the fact that it is a quite inaccessible. A mysterious property not easily reachable due to its position. Imagine that for years, it did not even have a rigid address and no road led directly to the house. The villa today has its own private road for exclusive access.


A true sanctuary of privacy and elegance, the villa ‘La Vigie’ can be rented by week or month while all clients have access to all facilities of the Monte-Carlo Beach, right below.

Always remember: Try to escape to places that have value where you can appreciate art and your surroundings, become part of the history, borrow a bit of past time glamour and allure…live with Elegance..

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.14.45 AM


*For more information visit: Monte-CarloSBM



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