Style Icon: Carine Roitfeld

Mademoiselle C…was the title of the film documenting Carine Roitfeld’s life after she boldly left Vogue Paris in late January 2011 after 10 years of having served as Editor-in-Chief.


Carine Roitfeld is being included on the E for Elegance Style Icon Series, having sealed a whole style era and having served the black & white contrasts in bold, unique and at times eccentric combinations that crystallised her very own identity at a time where to be original seems simply quite utopic.


She is a typical Parisian girl, who has elevated simple chic with incredible elegance and honesty. With a clear preference to clean colour combinations, pencil skirts, Chanel & high heels…the thick eye-browed Carine has taught every other woman on the planet how to be French and own up to it in a very unique way, without extra..over..embellishments.

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In her own words, “I’m Parisian, it shows in my style and in the style of my photos”.  For years she has been the muse of Tom Ford, worked with legends of the fashion world like photographer Mario Testino but her style remains unscathed. She never went with the flow, she always kept her style/taste ethics religiously the same.


She epitomises the title Style Icon because her iconicity lies on the boldness and originality of the choice of her clothes in an era were imitation is the ‘norm’.

Plus, her work always reflects a sense of raw realism with a sublime touch of allure and elegance..seen both in her Chanel campaigns, in her magazine or other editorials..

If you want to learn more about Carine Roitfeld take a look at this film.

Always remember: True style is eternal only when it’s original so stay faithful to your inner beauty and learn to let it out in the most elegant light..

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