Villa Balbiano: A Historic Charmer in Lake Como

Imagine you’re having a long walk on a sunny morning at the electrically green and perfectly manicured gardens of Villa Balbiano. A sense of tranquility remains in the air, reminding you that you’re far away from the madness of the outside world..


The first historical trace of the name Balbiano dates all the way back to 941. At the very beginning, circa 1483 it belonged to the family of Giovios, passing ownership from generation to generation, then Gallios, than to a prominent Cardinal…


The villa is beautifully restored to present day, preserving the elegance and the architecture of another epoch. The gardens have been re-groomed, housing many rare plants. The streams of tall trees bring pleasant echoes of a Tuscan aura.


The villa was further modernised and the project was entrusted to French interior architect Jacques Garcia, while Carlota Proença da Almeida handled the structural design and restoration work.

The first floor was restored to preserve the historical decorations. An indoor pool was installed in what used to be a garden shed, and another pool was installed outside.

Currently the Villa is used per request for special occasions such as weddings.

Take a good look of the modernised Villa  below.


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Such properties are much sought after here at E for Elegance, because I believe that they manifest in great harmony a co-existence of history and modernity in a very luxurious and elegant light.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.14.45 AM

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