PORTO HELI: Grecian Chic Escape at Amanzoe

It is one of the most coveted, serene and utterly beautiful places you will ever visit. Finding yourself between streams of olive groves which meet the crystal blue of infinity pools. All under imposing Grecian pillars and white marbles and of course widely open to impeccable views of the Mediterranean.


This is Amanzoe Resort in the Greek chic Porto Heli region — found on the rocky hillside to ensure 360 degree views. Easily crowned the best spot to enjoy fantastic sunsets over the seaside of Porto Heli.

Visiting the luxury resort when it first opened its doors in 2012, there is an overpowering feeling when you step inside. An aura that triggers the immediate process of unwinding.

Main Pavillion

Looking down from the main pool pavilion, I’m tempted to break the stillness and natural beauty and splash into the waters. This is not the only  pool pavilion. The hotel’s design is based on the idea that each guest can enjoy the ultimate privacy.  Whether, in one’s own private Pavilion complete with a terrace and pool or in the spacious Villas overlooking the sea with options going all the way up to nine-bedroom villas.

Private Villa

Like the rest of Amanzoe, all architecture brings up echoes of a 21st-century Acropolis. Fine lines, clarity in marbles and neutral, soothing colours literally take over. The role of the virgin natural surroundings is dominant. The resort is designed over swathes of cypress trees, lavender fields and olive groves towards a cobalt blue bay..

Private Pool Pavillion

The stillness is almost physical in the luxury resort, Amanzoe

I particularly loved the fact that there is a pervasive sense of privacy in the resort. One can get lost and enjoy moments with their loved ones completely secluded in their private pool Pavilion or Villa. A glorious typical Greek lunch with modern touches or a visit to the 1,000-book library that exists in Amanzoe are soon to follow.


Finally, around the time the sun sets, there is no better place to be than the circular Pavilion. The Olympic inspired flame creates a subtle sense of candle light while you unwind and simply enjoy the moment.

This is a truly elegant resort, prompting for a luxury experience that redefines what we know about the Greek notion of ‘filoxenia’ (hospitality).

Magical Sunsets


Have  you ever visited Greece over the summer? Share with me your favourite hotels below in the comments or on eforelegance@gmail.com.

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